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So... you're considering a custom stained glass project. The process we will go through from the beginning to the end involves several very important phases:
Consultation, Concept Drawings, Preliminary Cost Estimate, Design Development Phase and Contract Phase.

If you live in or near Jacksonville, Florida, I would be glad to meet with you personally to discuss your commission. Otherwise, we can work through the entire process via the internet. Please give me a call or email me to get started.

Concept Drawings
A commission usually involves my creating a concept design based upon your answers to the following questions:

  1. How many panels or objects are needed?
  2. What are their shapes and approximate sizes?
  3. Will the artwork hang, stand or be installed?
  4. Is privacy needed?
  5. How much daylight do you want to come through the artwork?
  6. How much color (or lack of color) do you want?
  7. Is there a particular color range or decor you need to match?
  8. Do you like traditional, contemporary, Victorian, flowers, animals, scenery, geometric, etc?
  9. Do you already have a design in mind that we can work from?
  10. Do you have a budget consideration we need to adhere to?

With the answers to these questions, we can start working on concept drawings. Because it is important to have a clear vision of the work to be completed, I will be submitting some preliminary ideas to be sure that we are thinking along the same line. Once we agree on a direction, I can give you a preliminary cost estimate.

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Preliminary Cost Estimate
There are many factors that influence pricing, including the square footage of a piece, the number of pieces per square foot and the complexity of the design and any embellishments added, such as bevels, filigrees, custom painting, etc. Please follow the link to my Pricing section for more information regarding how a cost estimate is derived. The cost estimate is a starting point for our design development phase.

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Design Development Phase
Once a generalized cost is determined and deemed acceptable to you, I will begin scaled illustrations of the concept we have agreed upon, showing various color schemes and other options, such as bevels, etc.

At this point, I will need the exact measurements of the opening if the piece is to be installed. If you are located in Jacksonville, I will have already taken the measurements myself. If you are out of town, please see the measuring guidelines for assistance.

I use a CAD program created specifically for the stained glass industry called Glass Eye 2000 by Dragonfly Software. It allows me the freedom to create a design that is fairly representative of the final window. Also, by creating all designs on my computer, I can post them for review to a special web page created for each client. All designs will include an exact price as shown (but do NOT include shipping or installation). It is during this phase that we will make modifications and agree upon the "final" approved design.

Please note: As a general rule, I do not charge an up-front design fee as long as I am the one to create the final stained glass work. For large or very complex commissions, a design fee based on the anticipated cost of the job is required before beginning the design phase. This non-refundable fee will be deducted from the final cost of the job. If, for some reason, you decide not to proceed with the project after a design has been finalized, a design fee will be assessed based on the anticipated cost of the job and billed to you.

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Contract Phase
When the design has been finalized, I will provide you with a written quotation, valid for 30 days, as well as an anticipated delivery schedule. The quotation will specify the project parameters, the overall cost estimate, the method of construction, the materials to be used, the method of delivery, any applicable crating and shipping charges, any applicable taxes and the terms of payment. This quotation, signed by both you and myself, becomes a binding contract and serves to protect the interests of both parties.

Payment terms require a 50% deposit in advance of initiating construction with the balance due upon delivery (or just prior to shipping). If artwork is to be shipped, I post an actual photo of the completed artwork to your web page so you can see that the work has been completed per our contract. When I receive your final payment, the artwork is shipped immediately.

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